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Bespoke Branded Photo Galleries

We build lasting relationships between sporting bodies, clubs, competitors, their sponsors and fans

Sport is unique in creating stunning, exceptional moments that excite and inspire. At Capture the Event, we use inspirational sporting imagery to enhance brand and event value.

These special occasions can set-up strong emotional connections between spectators, participants, the event, and the brands that sponsors support.

We specialise helping our customers extend and deepen these connections. Powerful, inspiring photography of outstanding sporting moments is used at critical engagement occasions to establish longer term relationships and value for everyone involved.

This new market sector for major event owners, has emerged via Capture the Event’s unrivalled efforts over a number of years to identify a new desire and need amongst spectators for ‘I was there’ products – as personal mementos and gifts for family, friends and colleagues.

Using Capture the Event’s easy-to-navigate and easy-to-use online platforms, fans can now upload their own imagery during game-time at major event venues and instantly combine them with high quality images captured by the professional photographers at the same event. Mementos of these ‘special occasions’ can be ordered during the emotion of the event, but delivered to any address at a later date, avoiding the fan from having to queue and carry home additional merchandise. This turn-key service offers a level of tangible product personalisation not previously seen in the sports industry, at a time when consumers are continuing to express their preference for ‘experiences’ over ‘physical products’.

Capture the Event also produce award winning montages and collages that can be presented to winners and top finishers, providing valuable and credible promotion to stimulate all other participants to request their own personal memento.

The products that we produce now adorn many a wall in clubs, boardrooms, offices, leisure centres, schools and homes throughout the UK – and are a constant ‘feel good’ reminder of a very special experience as well as an inspiration to those who wish to follow or participate in the future.

Our vision is to attract the UK’s major event owners into partnership with Capture the Event to provide ‘white label’ platforms that enable anyone who comes into contact with their event to acquire branded personal photographic mementos. It provides event owners with a valuable revenue share plus relevant customer data (within GDPR regulations), all wrapped up in an innovative and personal enhancement to the event experience.

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The opportunity

Consumer understanding

Photographic expertise

Advanced online marketing and sales

Deeper connection with fans

Significant sustainable revenues

An attractive proposition to your partners and sponsors

Exposure through event owners can also lead to our online and onsite platforms being offered to their respective sponsors, many of whom are seeking a deeper and more emotional connection with spectators.

Capture the Event’s onsite capabilities – supported by online platforms and infrastructure – offer opportunities to capture spectators and participants at events, providing each with personal branded mementos (in digital and in print format) which places them at the heart of an event and brand experience.

Let us show you how our bespoke technology can help release incremental value in your photographic assets, in a way that no-one else can offer.

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England Rugby Photo Gallery
England Rugby Photo Gallery
England Rugby Photo Gallery

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We can help you grasp an underperforming and undervalued asset

  • ‘Smart’ gallery designed to fit within your brand style providing a seamless experience
  • Additional high-quality offering to all spectators and fans at minimal additional cost
  • A new way of deepening engagement with spectators and fans
  • A powerful new B2B & B2C engagement marketing platform to offer sponsors
  • Valuable data capture and engagement platforms
  • A new revenue stream with potential to grow
  • Conversion of under-performing asset into new commercial/marketing benefits

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The images below show one of our bespoke photo galleries, produced for Team GB in 2016 and updated for each Winter and Summer Olympic Games.

The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery
The Official Team GB Photo Gallery

We’ve already made lots of strong connections

We have worked with top sporting organisations because we can produce framed personalised photographic products in minutes, providing a real show-stopper.