Engagement. Empowerment. Behavioural Change.

Capture the Event has always been facilitating sports imagery to influence human behaviour.

Using our unique insight and creative skills, we’re developing this approach even further.

By working with some of the UK’s best research universities, we’re sharing our knowledge and expertise and in doing so, developing momentum to deliver improved and sustainable mental, physical and social wellbeing, using commercial sports photographic imagery solutions.

To be part of this research group or to express an interest in our findings, please contact us at sales@capturetheevent.com

Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) logo

Read our Think Piece here for Observatory for Sport in Scotland (OSS) which covers redefining a critical role for sport and stakeholders to play in improving the health of a nation – across all ages and communities.

Built on inspiring services

We help connect with personalised photographic products for all – the fans, players, sponsors, media and staff.

We can also provide on-site support at your club, school, venue or event.

As well as our bespoke photo galleries, we offer the following three services:

We’ve already made lots of strong connections

We have worked with top sporting organisations because we can produce framed personalised photographic products in minutes, providing a real show-stopper.